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Angela Kelly Ministries

Bringing joy and healing to grieving mothers
My Story

My Story

I Am 1 in 4

1 in 4 women lose a child, and I am a part of the statistic. I am a mother who has lost two babies since 2021. For many mothers including myself, this is an inexpressible and most often silent suffering felt in a society where it is often socially unacceptable to talk about grief. I have seen and continue to see so many women walk in the same shoes that I am in. So many of my friends, loved ones, and even women I’ve seen on social media are dealing with the loss of a child or children due to stillbirths, miscarriages, SIDS, homicides, and so on, and I want to help. I want to help women find joy and healing. I want to help women live again. This is the birthing of Angela Kelly Ministries.

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Coming Soon

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Coming in October - Grieving Mother's Luncheon. If you’ve lost a child in any way mark your calendar and join us for reflecting, healing, renewal and sisterhood in a safe space where it is okay to be out loud with your experience.

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Interested in Helping
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Donate Today

Your donation can help us continue our mission of bringing joy and healing to grieving mothers. Every contribution, no matter how small, makes a difference. We are currently accepting both monetary in-kind donations for our upcoming Grieving Mother's Luncheon.

Contact Information

St. Louis, MO | | 314.805.7688

Thank You for Contacting Us!

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